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Recharge and reconnect with simple pleasures on the Venture iE. Built on a lightweight aluminum frame, this electric bike features a low step-through for easy on and off. The smooth-shifting Shimano 9-speed drivetrain lets you find your natural cadence while the industry-leading Bosch Active Line Plus motor works with your natural pedaling to provide gentle acceleration up to 20mph.


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SPF: Solar Propelled Fun

Our entire fleet of electric bikes is charged using electricity generated on-site by our 8,500 Watt solar electric array, installed atop a recycled cedar pergola. These solar panels provide clean, renewable electricity that will fuel your next bike trip around Nantucket! 

The keystone of our mission is accountability.  You often hear people, visitors & locals alike, complain that Nantucket has enough vehicles on the road, most of which run by burning fossil fuels.  

We wanted to offer something different.  Something to bring joy to your next commute or family trip.  Something that allows you to experience the best of the outdoors that Nantucket has to offer, without losing precious time in traffic. 

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